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Identification of the Personal Data Subject:

Identification of the Personal Data Controller:

PPF a.s., the company incorporated and established by the laws of the Czech Republic, company registration no.: 25099345, registered office at: Evropská 2690/17, 160 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to only as the “Controller”)

Additional personal data controllers are: (i) companies of the PPF group, which means: Air Bank a.s., Bammer trade a.s., Benxy s.r.o.(included Zonky s.r.o.), CETIN a.s., CME Services s.r.o., Home Credit a.s., Home Credit International a.s.(included EmbedIT s.r.o.), Home Credit Slovakia a.s., ITIS Holding a.s., POLL, s.r.o., PPF banka a.s., PPF Real Estate s.r.o., SCT Cell Manufacturing s.r.o., Škoda city service s.r.o., Škoda Digital s.r.o., Škoda Ekova (EKOVA ELECTRIC a.s.), Škoda Electric a.s., Škoda ICT s.r.o., ŠKODA PARS a.s., Škoda Transportation a.s., Škoda Transtech Oy, Škoda TVC s.r.o., Škoda Vagonka a.s., SOTIO Biotech a.s., TV Nova s.r.o., and (ii) the companies that entered into a contract on the provision of services with PPF a.s. and are not the part of the PPF group, which means: Nadace The Kellner Family Foundation, OPEN GATE – gymnázium a základní škola s.r.o., Pomáháme školám k úspěchu o.p.s. (hereinafter referred to only as the “additional controllers”).

Subject of the Request – Which Right is to Be Exercised

* (at lease one option has to be filled)
* (at lease one option has to be filled)
* (at lease one option has to be filled)

If you ask for erasure/restriction (1) of processing and if we acknowledge the legitimacy of your request, we will inform all the recipients whom your personal data was made available to, of the erasure/change/restriction (1) of processing of personal data, with the exception of cases where it would be impossible, or it would require unreasonable effort.

If you make a request to exercise the right to erasure, the right to restriction of processing or the right to make an objection, please specify the reason for your request. If you do not do so, your request cannot be satisfied.

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